Conservas Resort

For the duration of the festival, Conservas will be transformed into an unusual resort: a multifunction pleasurable space that blurs the boundaries between work, amusement, theories and practices. A permanent installation including various activities: Siesta Point, How-Tos Point, Zebra Point… which visitors can use according to individual preferences and rhythms. It also offers several scheduled encounters that will test different modalities of exchange. Having different realms and procedures interfering with one another, the resort is a place where negotiation, being unavoidable, can also become a driving force of unexpected assemblages.

A space specially conceived for LP'09 in the framework of the project HOW-TOs: Modes of Doing and Using, a half-choreographic, half-infinite collection by Paula Caspão and Valentina Desideri.

HOW-TOs has received the support of La Porta – espacio cómodo '08


March 9
8.30pm: official opening, launch of the Resort
A guided tour through the facilities, attractions and beauties of this resort.
9pm Good Ideas Auction
An auction as a mode of brainstorming around the question: how can we create comfortable spaces that will favour meetings, discussions and sharing in the context of this festival, and in this space?

March 10
4pm Tea & Biscuits #1 [post-lunch discussion]
An open session to share and discuss material around coffee and biscuits. Anybody is welcome to suggest any kind of material (video-text-audio-ideas-demonstrations-a piece of wood- etc.)

March 12
4pm Tea & Biscuits #2 [post-lunch discussion]

March 13
2pm The Making Of [tapas]
A mix between a gastronomic experience and a writing exercise. Composing, eating and translating tapas.

March 15
1pm Amateur Interview #1 [over brunch]
A public interview with members of Ivana Müller's company and the Lisa collective from Amsterdam (by an amateur interviewer).

March 16
4pm Tea & Biscuits #3 [post-lunch discussion]

March 18
11pm Speed Dating [of thoughts]
A nocturnal speed dating session to exchange lines of thoughts more than – but not necessarily instead of – romantic encounters.

March 19
4pm Amateur Interview #2
A public interview with two of the artists from The Never Starting Story project, Madrid.

March 20
4pm Amateur Interview #3
A public interview with the deepblue collective from Brussels.

And on March 21, don't miss Copacabana<=>Barceloneta, the Conservas Resort outdoors / performance, meeting, day-dream, cocktail.

9th March, 20.30h: opening
From the 10th  to the 20th of March, from 14 to 18h

Please ring the doorbell