Condición para 4 cuerpos

The proposal limits the staging to the study of the fisics and the presence confined to the exercise of remaining in the unbalance and in the constant compensation of the fall, expanding the lapse among the mobility and the immobility.


Special gratitudes to Sergi Faustino, Oscar Dasí, Ana Buitrago, Carme Torrent, Sónia Gómez, Laia Estruch Mata, Carmelo Salazar, Tuur Marinus and Valentí Estalella.

Project taken to term with the support of 3 procesos de creación 2010 of La Porta, La Caldera Residencias 2010, the research and creation grants of CoNCA 2010 and L'Antic Teatre

Directed by Ariadna Estalella Alba
Performers: Mireia de Querol, Cristina Nuñez, Federica Porello and Ariadna Estalella
Design: Ariadna Serrahima
Photography: Carla Tramulles
Scenographic concept: Ariadna Estalella
Design of lighting: Eduard Bolinches