The morning I left you in Moselle, when you sat up naked in bed and we hugged each other; I was dressed. I had my hat on. That was the hardest moment. The moment of leaving you on the metro and you are gone down the tunnel and you are gone, the moment of leaving you on the bus and I turn my back, the moment of leaving you and I am gone, you turn your back the moment of you turning back the moment you sat up in bed the moment I climbed the ladder again and again - but I am gone.

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Coreografía e interpretación: Maria Antònia Oliver
Música: Jacob Draminsky
Espacio escénico e iluminación: Maria Güell
Vestuario: Ade Ponzoña
Sombrero grande: Zulma Valdez

Agradecimientos: Mercè Boronat, Maria Cal