Carmen estampada

written in the narrator,
human responds,
reads backwards,
releases texts from her memory
in return invitations
from the wind – she will confess
and nothing more.
invents herself in search of geographies to understand her hands, will be
an egg,
an intermittent study
turns inside her body-while...she laughs.

-Mónica Valenciano-

In October last year I was invited by Alicia Chillida (ex-director of the CAAM) to take part in the project Laboratorio B9, a multidisciplinary meeting of artists from the Canary Islands organised for the first time over the summer by the CAAM.  From this experience I produced CAM CAM DUO (Solo Solo Duo) with Natalia Medina, and one of the solos was Carmen estampada.

I love painting, and I wanted to leave a statement in images in an exhibition space.... that was the starting point for the Carmen estampada.
Over time, this has become:

• A corner of a white wall in which to draw while I walk.
• A medium-trajectory on which to carry out an intricate drawing of sediments of the past.
• The bodies of Carmen gradually taking note of memory events.
• A + fruitless attempt to understand the other, accompanying the shadow.

Proposed actions:  to discover vocations; invent a geography; outline a shape; draw a dot; scour a (memory) map; perceive sounds; inhabit feelings; collect phrases; be carried away by an instinct.

By and with Mauricio González Santana

Random music

Photos Fabiola Ubani

Thanks to Monica Valenciano, Natalia Menéndez and licores El Canario.  This piece was produced with the support of the CAAM (Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno).