Break Fast o de la feble feblesa

G.S has always had a weakness for breakable objects, and a horror of people who collect only the unbreakable.
Gertrude Stein

It is inevitable to ask why in relation to oneself. It is unavoidable to become aware of ones own fragility, to seek the identity that only exists in confrontation with the Other (human or thing). A dance production in which two women confront each other – movement facing stillness, silence facing noise – in a way which is eclectic, ironic and very subtle.

After performing together in a series of productions, Maria Montseny and Anna Rubirola decided to collaborate on their first joint project, the dance film Còrpora (2006). They continued their collaboration by preparing two short pieces simultaneously, and working on various other projects.

50 minutes

Directed and performed by: Maria Montseny and Anna Rubirola
Music: several authors
Sound editing: Héctor Moras
Lights: Ana Rovira
Production: Raquel Ortega
Thanks to: Héctor Moras, Alba Suñé, La Caldera, África Navarro, Erre Que Erre, Teresina Pascual Recordà

With the support of:
La Caldera + La Porta