Yukiko Shinozaki

Yukiko Shinozaki studied classical ballet for 12 years in Tokyo.
In 1988 she moved to the U.S and studied modern dance at Portland State University in Oregon, where she also received her B.A in psychology. She moved to New York in 1992 and worked with Donna Uchizono, Mia Lawrence, Apostolia Papadamaki, Yasmeen Godder and others. She also presented her own pieces at different venues in NY.
In 1997 she arrived in Belgium to work with Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods. She was in the productions of Splayed Mind Out, appetite, and Highway 101.
In 2000 Shinozaki and Heine R. Avdal created a duet, Cast off skin, which toured in various venues throughout Europe.
From 2002 onwards she works closely together with Heine R. Avdal and Christoph De Boeck, having founded their own collective deepblue. She created terminal and closer with Heine R. Avdal and Christoph De Boeck. In 2004-2005 she collaborated with French visual artist Christelle Fillod on a solo Breaking through the roof of its house and a group piece Inner Horizon that premiered in Kaaitheater in 2005. In 2007 she worked together with another Japanese choreographer Un Yamada on hibi, that premiered in Tokyo in January 2007.