Vicens Mayans

Vicens Mayans is born in the Balearic islands in 1974.
He starts his theatrical studies in Madrid with Rodrigo García (1998) and takes part of the collective creation piece Haberos quedado en casa capullos at la Casa América.
He continues his studies from 2000 to 2004 with Third Angel (U.K) and Mark Tompkins (France), going deeper in the contemporary and movement theater with Mariantònia Oliver, Sofia Asencio and Tomás Aragay, Xus García, Andrés Waksman, Ana Buitrago, Bea Fernández, Carmelo Salazar, Toni Mira and in the Butoh with Tomeu Gomila, Carme Torrent and Rossana Barra.
He shares his studies with professional works where he improves his work's tools with the following companies: Co. Mariantònia Oliver, Bobot {theater dance, 2000/01} - Co. Auments, Ses tres claus {dance with puppets, 2002} - Co. Ah Danzade, Solamente {theater dance, 2003} - Co. Dr Alonso, Concierto para pastor y turista {theater dance, 2003} - Co. Lantana, Error: código alterado {physical theater, 2004/05} - Co. Cuerpo Transitorio, Caminata {butoh, 2005} - Co. Marta Galán, Machos {theater of text, 2005 /06} - Co. Sergi Faustino, Franz Peter {physical theater, 2006} - National Theater of Catalonia, MASCLEtà {theater dance, 2008} - Cía. Lalupe, Terrorvision by Iva Horvat {physical theater, 2009}.
At the same time, he creates his own pieces: Esta no es mi casa, theater (Mallorca, 2003) - Potra, physical theater (Barcelona, 2005) - Turnai, dance theater (Barcelona, 2006) - PUTAS & COCHES, dance theater (Barcelona, 2007).