Rubén Ramos Nogueira

(Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Barcelona, 1973)

Studied karate Kyokushinkai at the Dojo Satori; music at Can Roig i Torres and at the music conservatorium of Badalona and telecommunications at the UPC and the Université Paris X. Founded the group  Santiago Maravilla + Maestro Ramos (piano and voice), which performed regularly at the Ribborn of Barcelona and the Carabás of Burgos. The group disappeared after the shooting of the film Da Svidania Pianino, en Kazajastán with Néstor Domènech (finalist at the Festival Docúpolis 2002). He grows interested into sound art and creates the radio broadcast Ad Libitum (2000-2002), participating in the collective sound installation at the façade of the CCCB (2003). He has collaborated as musician, actor, performer, barman, sound and video technician with:  Sergi Faüstino in the performances Nutritivo, El cremaster de los cojones and f.r.a.n.z.p.e.t.e.r.; Roger Bernat in De la impossibilitat de conjugar el verb estimar; David Espinosa in and with Carmelo Salazar in Edificios, Espaciales 3 and the short film Lancaster together with Kizkitza Beltran (finalist at the Festival DiBa Express 2007). Founding member of the collective Farda (with Carmelo Salazar and Carme Torrent), with which they develop a series of actions named Plastidecor (with guest artists such as Quim Pujol) and the blog Since 1996 works as computer programmer and in 2005 creates devoted to projects on the net. Co-director with Carmelo Salazar of the project, which aims to create a web community for performing arts.