Roberto Fratini Serafide

Roberto Fratini Serafide, was born in Milan in 1972. Weakly alcoholic, loyally osteoporotic, and with a Oedipal tendency, like many other Italians. You could say he is a poet, (Nodo Parlato), director and dramaturg. Since 2002, he has worked with the Caterina Sagna Dance Company (La Signora, Petites Soeurs – recognised with a SFDA award, Rélation Publique, Heil Tanz, Basso Ostinato –  Named production of the year by the la Association des Critiques de Danse).  He has lectured on dramaturgy and the philosophy of dance at many European festivals and universities, and he is currently a Theory lecturer at the Barcelona CSD: He hasn't danced in his life and, frankly, he couldn't give a damn.'