Oreet Ashery

Oreet Ashery is a London based visual artist, cultural activist and educationist, engaged in solo and collaborative practices. Ashery works across performance, still and moving image, objects and facilitation to create situations that explore the relationships between politics, culture and representation. Ashery will frequently produce work as a fictional male character, those have included an orthodox Jewish man, as well as works about existing male public or political figures, those have included; Moshe Dayna, Ringo Starr and Geert Wilders. Ashery’s work is presented extensively in an international context, in biennials, museums, galleries, festivals and site-specific locations. Her practice is discussed in numerous publications and books, in various languages. Recently Ashery had published three books: The Novel of Nonel and Vovel, with the artist Larissa Sansour, Charta; the monograph Dancing with Men, Live Art Development Agency; and the Artangel commission Staying, dream, bin, soft stud and other stories. Ashery is an Honorary Research Fellow at the Drama Department at Queen Mary University London. Ashery’s work is part of public and private collections, including Europe, the USA,Mexico andChina.