Is a project activated by a team of artists, with a non permanent staff and mobile salary, which investigates practicing in the (test) field of the per-forman-ciel.

Mugatxoan team is currently formed by various rotating artists, and the fact that we meet around this project allows us, by our experience and the needs we find in our practices, to share and reflect on difficulties, misunderstandings, differences and incompatibilities we deal with on our ways. To reflect on the still existing divisions, on how the roles, the rules, the possibilities and the boundaries are distributed, and what areas of passage still remain and are still to be created.

Mugatxoan project was born in 1998, as a response to the needs of artists coming from different fields and who began to work together and to create new connections, new associations, and who did not find a resonance in the exclusively disciplinary way of working. Terms as, say, multidisciplinary –and later on, transdisciplinary–, then appeared. That trans- (to the other side of, or through) underlined an extension of the activity of every discipline. Perharps, today, our way to understand it would be more like an in, in the interior of a whole: indisciplines (inside them).