Melk prod./Tanzplantation

The company's original name, Tanzplantation, makes reference to surgical transplantation (Tanz is German for dance). This play on words evokes a certain way of working that consists in taking various artistic or non-artistic elements from everyday life and transplanting them into choreographic works: bits of movies, dances that exist elsewhere, movie and opera dialogues, etc. and letting them take on new life in the creative works. In 2000, the company changed name and became *Melk prod.
The company has created the following works: L'Opérette sans sou, si… (2006), at Pôle Sud in Strasburg (France); No Paraderan (2004), at Malraux in Chambéry (France), coproduced with the Théâtre de la Ville and Festival d'Automne; New movements for old bodies (2003), created for the reopening of the d'Aubervilliers Laboratories (France); Old movements for new bodies (2003), created for grant holders at the CDC in Toulouse; Blitz (2002), created at the Festival La Bâtie in Geneva, co-written with Valérie Brau-Antony, Manuel Coursin, Chiara Gallerani and Gianfranco Poddighe; Seuls les Vivants survivront (2001) for the Val-de-Marne biennial (France); Sorry, do the tour! (2001) at the Kampnagel Hamburg (Germany); Clo-Clopinettes (2001) for the Festival du Printemps de Septembre in Toulouse (France); Petits Roberts (2000), created during the Festival de Danza in Ajaccio (Corsica); Freeze/Défreeze (2000), created during the Festival Les Urbaines in Lausanne (Switzerland); Multi(s)me (2000), created at the Kampnagel Hamburg (Germany); Sturmwetter prépare l'an d'Emil (1999), which won the ZKB prize, during the Theaterspektakel in Zurich (Switzerland); Total (1999), created for the Festival de Rue in Châtillon, Île-de-France (France); Thank you for comino (1999), created for Jean-Marc Heym in Lausanne; Égoïne (1998), created for Michelle Prélonge for Le Vif du sujet, Aviñón (France); Ainsi parlaient Eliane et Lulu (1998), at the Ménagerie de Verre, Paris; Un maximum d'élan! (1997), crreated at Blois-Halle aux Grains (France). Muses et homme, created for the National Conservatory of Dance in Paris-La Villette; I neetzsch you (1995) and Business (1995), created during a residency at Isla St. Denis; Buy art makes free, Salomé! (1994), created at the Cartier Foundation, Paris; HARW (1994), created at Blois-Halle aux Grains (France); Je m'appelle Emil Sturmwetter (1994), creada at the night club Pigall's, Paris; B.I.T.S. and pieces (1991), created in Marselle at the Teatro des Bernardines (France); Flack(s) 11 (1990), created at the Théâtre de la Bastille, Paris; Bouillabaisse Bénite (1889), created at Bagnolet competition (France); Boléro (1987), created for the Vienna Chorographic Competition (Austria); and Amapola (1986), created for the American Centre in Wiesbaden (Germany).