Javier Marquerie Thomas

I was born in Madrid in 1986. When I was ten years old I went to live at my mother's home land, Cardiff (great Britain). In September 2005, after ten years  and having studied secondary school there, I returned to Madrid, where I studied a Master on Photography named Concept and Creation at the photography school EFTI. 

Flight of Fancy:
- Collective exhibition in Galeria Bacelos, Vigo, 2007.
- Collective exhibition 'Students Master Efti 07' (In PhotoEspaña07), Space Off Efti, Madrid 2007.
Un avión se va y un hombre queda a cuatro patas:
- Exhibition of one picture from this project in the collective 20+20 El presente y el futuro de la fotografía, in Casa de Vacas, Madrid 2007.
Boxers: A project that combines photography and video. Made with Vladimir Strate (video director).
-Projection in Manufactura, Lodz Fotofestiwal International, Poland 2007.
Cuerpo y Paisaje: project developed with one of the artistic residencies at the festival CITEMOR (Montemor-o-Velho, Portugal).
-Quarteirão Das Artes. Montemor-o-Velho (Portugal), 2005.
For theatre, I have taken photos of the works of Elena Córdoba, Carlos Marquerie, Marc Rees and Anushiye Yamell. At present I'm developing a documental project with Rodrigo García in the outskirts of Madrid.