Emilio Tomé

I work with Elena Córdoba, Carlos Fernández, Carlos Marquerie and Juan Domínguez. At the same time, I develop my own practice using video, photography, actions, texts and movements, producing hybrid pieces for the stage: Cocktail (1999), Wave (2001), Noise (2004-2005), Walkings (2006), Abstractions (2008), Stolen Conversations (2009-2010) and Home Experience (2010). I belong to the collective El Club, focused on collaborative creative practices and on generating new spaces for exchange, with whom I share the project El Paso (2009-2010).  I work in the Master of Scenic Practices (UAH) as projects tutor. I look for change and experimentation with different languages, attempting to create channels of interdisciplinary exchange while I myself remain in the middle ground between skepticism and passion. Lately I think that rehearsing is for cowards.