Constanza Brncic

She began his dance studies with Teresa Monsegur. She studied piano and music. She later studied classical and contemporary dance with Ann Mittelholzer, Patricia Stokoe and Norio Yoshida amongothers. She lived in New York where she continued her studies at Martha Graham School, La Mama etc and Movement Research, also studying at drama school Utta Hagen and Professor Carol Fox Prescott. She danced in Pearl Lang Dance Company. She attends several courses of Body Weather in France and Holland and a workshop of the Odin Teatret in Dinamarca. Amb the dancer Joanna Oniszczuk, she choreographed and performed El fragmento de mi año, also has choreographed and performed the piece Morano, Calabria 1930 (CCCB-Sala Sagrada Familia). She took part of  the company-Rosa Andrés Muñoz Corchero and collaborated with Gabriel Brncic and pianist Agustí Fernández. Along with Bertram Dhellemmes multimedia artist, she has directed the residency for the  creation of the spectacle of music, dance and video, N log h 6, presented in the theater Les arcades, Lille, France.