Cindy Van Acker

She is a Flemish choreographer and dancer for whom the body is both the subject and the location for research. Her solo Corps 00:00 (2002) was conceived as a systematic exploration of the interplay between the mental and the physical. Another solo, Balk 00:49, inserts movements caused by electrical impulses in the organic body. With Pneuma 02:05, Cindy Van Acker presented her first group production. Structured on the same bases as her solo work, this choreography aims to otter a multiplicity of new forms through corporal juxtaposition and give perspective to the image and movement. Born in the USA, Cindy Van Acker danced with the Ballet Royal in Flanders before becoming part of the Grand Théâtre in Geneva. She later danced for Philippe Saire, Laura Tanner, Noemi Lapzeson, Estelle Héritier and for Myriam Gourfink, to whom she dedicated Pneuma 02:05. She has been producing her own works since 1994, although her international career began with Corps 00:00 (2002). Current repertoire: Corps 00:00 (2002), Balk 00 :49 (2003), Fractie (2003), Pneuma 02 :05 (2005). Other works: Subver-cité (1998), J'aimerais tuer avant de mourir (1998), Bon Marché (1996), Quotidien démuni (1995), Sans fard (1995), Déjà (1994).