Cia. Sisyphe Heureux

The Sisyphe Heureux company was founded in 1998 as a space for interdisciplinary creation and collaboration directed by Haïm Adri. In the company, a group of artists transform their reflections on composition into a source of independent works in which their individual and complementary ways of seeing come together and combine.

 The fundamental element is research into creative movement, aimed at improvisation through the use of parallel fields such as music, film, choreography and visual arts, which the company turns into a collective dynamic of permeable participation in selective confrontations and affinities. It also displays a special interest in new technologies, which are used and mixed with the company's creative work. The Sisyphe Heureux company looks more to the insolence of sporadic and perennial encounters than ideas in the eyes and the words of the audience, and sees public presentations as a way of going towards creation as a journey of destiny.

Over five seasons, the Sisyphe Heureux company has also created and toured choreographic pieces in which dialogue, the play of light, the body and the voice have been part of the overall experience and an attempt at a kind of transversal writing that can be defined as total theatre (Anamnèse Acte 1 et Anamnèse acte 2, l'Offrande, Mots d'A,  Métacisif et Kafik, Palpitation, L'absent). The company has also designed and exhibited some collective installations (Le machin, Palpitation-l'expo, Mots d'A, L'intime objet de nos transports) and dance films (Quelque chose sur moi, Qui est sauvage?, Paroles de Femmes, Philippe Scherenshnitt, Homosoapiens-sapiens, visible sera comment, Tout sauf les murs, J'ai eu une peur terrible des crocodiles).