Chiara Gallerani

Having studied dance in Italy, Chiara Gallerini arrived in France in the early 90s to continue her training. She performed for various choreographers and artists including Paco Decina, Francesca Lattuada, Toméo Verges, Edouard Levé and Joris Lacoste.
Her meeting with Marco Berrettini in 1998 marked the start of a long collaboration: Je m'appelle Maryvonne von Strudelberg, Sturmwetter prépare l'an d'Emil, Multi(s)me, Freeze/défreeze, Sorry, do the tour!, Blitz, in collaboration with Marco Berrettini and another three members of the company, and No paraderan, which was presented at the Théâtre de la Ville in Paris in December 2004. At the same time, she continued working on her own projects, and in 2002 she presented the solo/performance Chiara et le cygne at the Cartier Foundation, and in 2003 Sweet Savagery at the Aubervilliers Laboratories.