Carmelo Fernández

A hard-to-classify dancer, choreographer and producer. Not too good, not too bad. Among the good things he has done, he would highlight some of his work with el ojo de la faraona, pieces he co-produced with other artists, some roles in other works by other artists, setting up the space Hueco, and working on projects like a ras de suelo. He is currently doing up his house.

(Update 2010)
Although I follow in reforms, all the previous is already in its place, at present I give a workshop in an academy for the dancers Raquel Rodríguez, Bea de la Torre, Isa Saro and June Gainza. I often collaborate with musicians from the body and sometimes from the music. A couple of months ago I did the bitch in a Peep Show and it was inspiring to touch all this atmosphere again, of when with Orlando Ortega we were the boys of the best transvestites of the night, and the stripes and slaps abounded, and inverting what we do now, was gone out to the street with the same attitude that in scene.