Bebeto Cidra

Study in Rio de Janeiro, New York and Paris. Dance with the Ballet of Rio de Janeiro and the Ballet of Sao Paulo. In Barcelona he danced with B.C.B., Kenmerk Cia. and Lanónima Imperial. In 1985 he began his choreographic work by professional companies in Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte and Rio de Janeiro. In 1987 he created Bebeto Cidra dance Cie and 5 productions in Brazil. The company works in Barcelona since 1994. Interpretation Prize in Rio de Janeiro (1982) Award Paolista Association of Art Critics, Best Choreographer of Sao Paulo (1987), 3rd Premio Oscar Lopez (1991), 1st Prize at the VII Choreographic Contest of Madrid (1993) Festival special Jury Prize Ricard Moragas (1993). Award for Best Performer in Tel-Aviv, 1994.