Ángeles Ciscar

(Valencia, 1971)

Bachelor in Fine Arts, sculptor, at the Universidad de San Carlos of Valencia. Studied theatre at the Jaques Leqoc's International Theatre School; Set design at the Institut de Teatre of Barcelona. Member of the Companía Amaranto, with which she has created and performed the pieces: Marea baixa (2001), Tazón de sopa china y un tenedor (o hacer el gilipollas) (2004), Indignos (2006) and Four movements for survival (2007).
As set designer she has collaborated in theatre pieces such as Preludis, with Frederic Amat for the Gelabert-Azzopardi's company and Hamlet Music Hall, based in a work of Heiner Müller for the Cia. Amaranto.
As pedagogue she has developed in different centres the project Dinámica del Espacio: Institut del Teatre from Barcelona, Sala Cuarta Pared from Madrid, The Architecture Superior School La Salle and the Architecture University from Barcelona.