Amaia Urra

(1974, San Sebastián). She graduated in Fine Arts in Bilbao in 1998. In parallel she practiced contemporary dance during few years. After participating in the project Mugatxoan she starts to create her own work and in 2002 she presents her first piece EL ECLIPSE DE A. In paralell since 1999 she has worked and collaborated with different artists and choreographers like Xavier Le Roy ,Olga Mesa, Jérôme Bel, Ion Munduate, Fréderic Seguette, Cuqui Jerez, Juan Dominguez and Blanca Calvo. In 2008 in collaboration with Cristina Blanco, Cuqui Jerez and María Jerez they première the project The Neverstarting Story.  In 2009 she creates the video Time-Wasters and in 2010 she premieres the piece La Cosa. Beside she's now part of the Mugatxoan team.