may 06

A series of proposals by artists who, using the body as a starting point, have embraced and processed influences from other fields such as the visual arts, cinema or scientific discourse. 

Incursions into territories, languages and sources that bring us back to the stage and the body's presence or absence, by artists who have looked to the work of others in order to pervert their own limits and expand parameters of perception and representation of the real, rather than simply re-appropriating or creating their own versions. Reflections and mirror games among created universes.

As well as presenting the works, we have programmed two parallel meeting-experiences to present the philosophy and work of two Portuguese artist-support structures: Espaço do Tempo and RE.AL 

This cycle also marks the start of a programming partnership with the Mercat de les Flors, and a continuation of our efforts to open up presentation venues at other spaces in the city such as l'Ántic Teatre and La Poderosa.


Amaia Urra
El eclipse de A

Mauricio González
Carmen estampada

May 12
La Poderosa


Ivana Müller
How heavy are my thoughts

May 13 and 14
L'Antic Teatre


A meeting with Joao Fiadeiro:
Joao Fiadeiro presents the artist-support structure RE.AL and
talks about its publications and the labs they co-ordinate.

May 19
La Poderosa


Joao Fiadeiro
I Am Here
A solo based on the work of Helena Almeida.

May 20 / 21
Mercat de les flors

A meeting with Rui Horta: presents the artist-support structure O Espaço do tempo and Proyecto Colina, an interdisciplinary meeting of artists from around the world.

May 24
La Poderosa

Rui Horta

From May 25 to May 28
Mercat de les flors