Experimental stage attacks

FÄUSTINO by Sergi Fäustino


Having been working regularly during the months of December and January, Sergi Fäustino opened materials and practices that has been developing with an informal meeting to which he invited eight people, establishing a framework to deliberately propitiate an intimate dialogue and proximity. More than two hours of continuous presentation in which he proposed a journey that made us pass through the different areas of the Porta__casa, combining moments of oral presentation, viewing of video material, photographs, a silent breakfast accompanied by a very special soundtrack, half-hour bodywork ... a re-visitation of the physical memory space he has transited both professional and personally. A set of temporal transpositions provided the necessary distance to engage with the proposal, which was much more than just a sample of the process or time of the research that is currently immersed Sergi.

In his blog you can follow the evolution of the work and some texts that were generated after this presentation that, despite its semi-public character (or precisely because of this ), we considered the first Sweet of the year.

February 2, 2012 / 11h00
La Porta__casa
San Germán 4, 3º 
Private presentation