Julio en julio

july 06

For some time now, we've been playing with the idea of organising an 'invisible' cycle, in the sense of generating some form of co-existence with the creative process that doesn't end up as a public performance. To give voice to artists - the real driving force behind our activities.



comfortable spaces:  support for projects

With this in mind, we've organised a cycle that focuses on supporting the creative processes of six choreographers who have been in a continuous dialogue with La Porta.  The artists and projects supported in this cycle are:  Sonia Gómez, to research and produce the catalogue for her solo project Experiencias con un desconocido, Sofía Asencio and Tomás Aragay, to produce the first pilot portrait for their De cuerpos project, a series of filmed portraits of anonymous people through the body of a dancer, Juan Domínguez and Amalia Fernández for the joint creation of a duo or two duos or a quartet or a recipe called Shichimi Togarashi  and Carmelo Salazar for his research project Lo natural es moverse, which is the driving force behind Espaciales III.



At the same time, we've organised three days for discussion around the directions and actions of La Porta, the way the project has changed, its repercussions, needs, issues and possible or impossible futures. This series of meetings will allow us to update, compare and discuss, and to present our initial thoughts on the spaces for exhibition, reflection and meeting planned for the first La Porta festival, LP. cos, moviment, acció, which will take place from March 9 to 24, 2007 in various venues around Barcelona.  The guests invited to participate in these discussions are:  Sergi Faustino, Elena Albert, Carmelo Fernández, Juan Domínguez, Sofía Asencio, Cecilia Vallejo, Eduard Escoffet, Montse Colomé, Ana Rovira, Bea Fernández, Silvia Sant Funk, Rubén Ramos, Oscar Dasí, Carmelo Salazar and Ana Buitrago.


A serial event

While we were in the middle of planning this cycle, we received a call from the Fundació Rafael Tous d'Art Contemporani inviting us to organise an activity as part of the 25 year anniversary celebrations of the contemporary art space Metrònom.
Working from the idea of giving artists a voice that goes beyond their finished works, we came up with the idea of co-producing Espaciales III: Idea de Cambio, a serial event that will take place from the 17th to the 23rd of July.  Espaciales III is a place for action, an idea containing seven different experiences that take place over seven days, with the choreographer's regular team of collaborators and the intervention/interference of guest artists.  A project that favours the condition of dance, pushing changes and turning away from anything fixed.

Carmelo Salazar
Espaciales III: Idea de Cambio

from July 17 to 23
Fundació Rafael Tous d'Art Contemporani