Día Internacional de la Danza 2005

Marco Berrettini / Melk Prod.

You will hate or love passionately the work of Marco Berrettini, and his troupe of great accomplices. But even its biggest detractors are forced to admit its intelligent and refined irony. Moreover, its intelligence is what makes it unpardonable in its eyes. It is corrosive due to the strength with which it is capable of questioning the limits of art, entertainment, for the clarity and courage with which is positioned at one of the fundamental questions: the role of the artist in society that he lives ... using operational precisely, all the conventions about the spectacular.

His career is certainly one of the most interesting and controversial in the international dance scene.

Loaded with references, from popular culture to film quotes and the historical memory of the dance, his speech is articulated in so a complex and personal
way that till the most recognizable cliches suffer a shift of meaning, a slight perversion in reading, absolutely contemporary.

Another Berrettini's paradox, the contemporaneity of his proposals may be the reason for its understandable and complete lack at Barcelona stages. Until today.

When the Associació de Professionals de la Dansa de Catalonia commissioned us the artistic programming for the International Dance Day in the Mercat de les Flors, we thought it was a unique opportunity to introduce Marco's work to the audience of Barcelona . And forced to choose, No Paraderan, his latest creation premiered at the Theatre de la Ville de Paris in December 2004, it seems more than adequate, essential.

But if judging any artist based on a single work is always wrong, in this case it's simply impossible. The document you have in your hands is
only intended to accompany the viewer's eye to critical reflection, beyond the impoverishing axiom of taste, in you meeting with the world of Marco Berrettini. It worths it.

-Oscar Dasí-


Marco Berrettini / Melk Prod.
No Paraderan

29 y 30 de abril de 2005
Mercat de les Flors


Propuesta Artística La Porta

Organizado por
Associació de Professionals de la Dansa de Catalunya (APDC)
Mercat de les Flors

Con el soporte de
Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya, Institut de Cultura (ICUB), Ajuntament de Barcelona

Con la colaboración de
AISGE, Asociación para la danza Canal Metro