november 06

La Porta invites you to explore a selection of works and artists who bring us into contact with a kind of metaphysics of the body and its rituals - alternatives to the predictable sexual or sports-related connotations of the dominant aesthetic paradigms. Immerse yourself in the adventure of human flesh, its raw beauty and inexorable fate. 

contextualisation of a project by the Las Santas collective / a presentation of Elena Cordoba's latest stage piece and a glimpse into her imaginary – discussion and photo exhibition / a foray into the unique world of the writer, playwright and 'actionist' Angélica Liddell / a close look at the work and career of the playwright and choreographer Raimund Hoghe.  

Mon. 6  La Poderosa  9 pm   free admission

Las Santas
A conversation about the project  3 Encuentros
with Beatriz Fernández, Mónica Muntaner, Silvia Sant and the choreographers Ana Buitrago, Elena Córdoba and Olga Mesa. This discussion session follows the premiere of 3 encuetros at the Mercat de les Flors on November 3rd, 4th and 5th.
Thurs. 9 to Sat. 18   Sala Metrònom  11-14h./16-20h (Mon-Fri) free admission

Elena Córdoba
Cuaderno de imágenes 2005-2006
An exhibition of photographs by Elena Córdoba. The images were taken during the period between the creation of two of her works: Quedémos un poco más sentados and Lección de tinieblas (part of the 3 Encuentros project). 

Monday 13      Sala Metrònom   9 pm     free admission

Meeting Elena Córdoba's imaginary
Elena will talk about her relationship with images, words and the body. Following the discussion, the exhibition will open till 11pm.

10, 11 and Sun.12  Sala Beckett     10 pm / Sun. 8pm      admission 7€

Elena Córdoba
Quemonos un poco más sentados
A stage piece constructed using a series of studies based on the skin and its transformations. Created with Maria José Pire, Montse Penela and Patricia Lamas.

17 and 18 nov.    Sala Metrònom     9 pm    free admission/limited seating

Angélica Liddell / Atra Bilis Teatro
Boxeo para células y planetas
A work in the form of an action-essay that reflects on the fear of death as the source of melancholy.

*the audience is asked to bring along x-rays, medicines, analyses, clinical histories
Mon. 27th     Mercat de les Flors   7pm   free admission

Face to face with Raimund Hoghe – works and trajectory
A conversation with German artist Raimund Hoghe about his stage work and his relationship with the body, ritual and memory. This session will include screenings of fragments of Raimund's work and is prior to the presentation of two of his works at the Mercat de les Flors on November 30th and December 3rd.